Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mary Kate!

This past Saturday was Mary Kate's 1st Birthday.

We had a sleepover at the new house the night before and spent the day working, but we did have time for a little birthday treat, as well as, a new toy for Mary.

Here are a few photos of Mary's Birthday Treat.


Baughface said...

Is that a doughnut my eyes dost behold?

Yay Mary Kate! I'm so sad we've missed seeing her the last several months, but she is such a CUTIE!! :-) Happy Birthday!!

Reeder said...
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Reeder said...

I know, I know. Dr. Furhman would not be happy.

With being at the other house, it was hard to make a healthy treat. So, I made a quick run to the store and this is what I brought home.

Anonymous said...

It think that donut fits into the 10 of the 90/10 ratio :)
Kim :)