Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Organizing Clothes

As we prepare for spring and the move to our new home, we decided it was time to go through children's clothes. The girls and I spent yesterday afternoon sorting through the girls clothes and putting away outgrown items.
I took a photo of the us in the middle of us sorting, it was an organized mess.

We picked out some spring outfits for the girls and figured out what we will need to buy. Abigail was super excited as there were no clothes for her which means shopping!
My only concern is finding modest summer outfits for a soon to be ten year old girl.


townsend said...

Land's End (online or at Sears) usually has some good choices for Abbi's size. Please let me know if you find any good sources as Sammy's grown so much that we need to do some shopping ourselves!


Girl of God said...

Please post if you find any thing the rest of us should know about!! As for now, my ten-year-old wears high neck undershirts (from lands end) under everything.

Jennifer said...

Lands End, Hanna Anderson. If you sew, maybe you and your daughters can pick patterns out together....or sew a simple sun dress and wear a t-shirt underneath.