Monday, March 7, 2011

Tile or Wainscot?

The last few days, I have been planning out our children's bathroom in our new house.

It has been easy so far making choices, I'm a girl that knows what I like. Until, now.
We are doing our house in farmhouse style.
Which would typically mean wooden bathroom floors, but let's be real. We have 8 children. Wooden floors in bathroom, I think not! So, this past Saturday, I pick the porcelain tile that will be going into the bathroom.

Then, came my hard choice. Do I do a farm style wainscot or do I continue the tile half way up the wall?
The wainscot I would paint white and the tile would be the same as the floor?

I think the wainscot would look better, but will I go crazy with white walls? Remember dirty kids will be going into the bath to get clean.

I would like to know what my readers think? Please post your comments below.


The Vernon Family said...

The wainscot would look better. But the fingerprints would probably drive you crazy and eventually would not look as nice as tile (with all the washing). I think your original plan with tile up 4ft is wisest. Plus tile won't be ugly even it isn't prettiest.
That's just my two cents.

Pamela Reeder said...

My opinion... Wainscot. you will have to clean whatever you put up and if you like wainscot better.. go with it. I personally don't care for wall tile. Probably because most of the tile we have had experience with was old not new and was falling off, as is the tile in our bathroom right now. grrrr.

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Wainscotting, even if it is sealed, will eventually begin to wear the sealing off with washing. Wainscotting is wood. Wood absorbs germs of all kinds.

Tile can be sprayed with a bleach spray and wiped clean every evening without concern. Glass or porcelain tile does not absorb germs that would appear in the bathroom.

I hope this helps!


Girl of God said...

Wainscotting!! The bathroom is a small enough room that it won't take long to wipe down every few days. We have have white wainscotting in the kitchen, with almost seven children with jelly covered hands, and it hasn't been too bad. We used an industrial white paint and it holds up well. My oldest is ten and she can clean have it clean in just a few minutes, then I scrub about once a month.

Tiling Tools said...

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