Thursday, December 8, 2011

PA Trip

Wow! What a trip to PA. I'm telling you.... "The Lord rained blessings upon the Reederbunch." Not only were we able to spend an extended amount of time with family in PA, but we were blessed beyond what we could image. I can't even begin to tell you all the gifts that were given to our family. The biggest was a very nice Suburban and Trailer, which left both Chris and I speechless. I know... none of you can image me speechless right? Well, believe it. haha...

Chris' Grandfather and Grandmother sold their home after all these years and moved to a retirement community. As they downsized their estate, they rained blessings upon family members. We were blessed with not only a Suburban and Trailer, but it was loaded with lots and lots of blessings from their farm, which we will be able to use here as we establish our own. Thank You Vic and Betty for blessing our family!

Along with these amazing blessings, Chris was also given his uncle's Pickup truck. It will be a farm truck, not able to drive too far from home, but perfect for an old farm truck.

Also, as my mother finishes cleaning out my Grandparents estate from their passing, we were rained even more blessing!

Our family has never seen such blessing Praise the Lord and Thank You all!!!

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Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Praise God! What a lovely and wonderful gift for all of you! :)