Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The girls and I have been having lots of girl time. Chris took the boys on a road trip to Raleigh to help a friend work on his house. The girls and I have been de-cluttering, singing and dancing, and cleaning house, but at night we have been having fun girl time and relaxing. Last night, the girls and I attempted to make some yummy pretzels. My good friend makes some really yummy ones (Meghan), but it's been years since I've made them. Here are the photos from the girls making their own. They weren't "THAT" good, but it's because they were 100% whole wheat, without butter. The ones you get at the mall are made with 100% white flour and a ton of butter. Regardless, it was fun and the girls enjoyed it. But the real highlight was drinking tea.
(Sorry, no photo of that.)

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The Vernon Family said...

You totally NEED butter with pretzels! Oh, and salt! :D But they look really good.
If I were up to it I think I would be making some this afternoon....