Friday, February 10, 2012

Rock Candy

Rock Candy... otherwise known as sugar. Chris and I love to share childhood memories with the children, as we make new ones with them. One of my childhood memories involves making rock candy at my church. I know what your thinking, yes, it's a lot of sugar. But it's a memory that I wanted to share with my children. And when I wanted to do one last fun thing with the girls before the boys returned home, this was it. I had bought all the ingredients a while ago and we found them in the pantry, so it was perfect!

Here is our finished product. Strawberry on the left and orange flavor on the right.

Here Abigail is stirring in the flavoring.

The girls waiting on the sugar to boil.

While I was in a sugar comma, Mary Kate got herself into trouble.

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TC said...

hello, saw your blog on CMOMB, would you mind sharing your rock candy recipe? My kids can't have red dye and I struggle to find natural candy for them this would be perfect for us to make! Thanks!!