Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Coop

Our family took these.... Free Pallets.

And made this... A Chicken Coop.

And this is how...


More signs of spring in the Reeder house!

All of the children have enjoyed taking their turn watering the plants.

Chicks are Hatching!!!

Spring has sprung in our house!
For the last 21 days we have turned eggs day and night,
as we hatch out our first batch of chicks for the year.

Eggs in the incubators.

Our old incubator.

Pipping... the process of the chick hatching. You can see the first small hole.

Our first arrivals!!!

Poision Ivy

With the 'ok' of my son, Caleb,
I have posted the following photos of his experience with poison ivy.

Here is a photo of my dear son Caleb.
A few weeks ago, he went to a friend's home where he spent some time
in a friends woods playing air soft battles and exposed to poison ivy.

The day after he was exposed to the poison ivy, his face started to pop up in hives.
At the time, we weren't sure what it was, so I took a photo to ask a friend.
I had no idea it would get as bad as it did.

The next day, when we woke up, Caleb could not open his eyes.
His face was extremely swollen. His face was hot to the touch and hard.

Our pastors wife, gave us a recipe to help with poison.
(1 tablespoon ground flax, 1 tablespoon Charcoal, and either water or aloe vera juice)
Heated in a pan and then let cool, we painted his face like this photo.
Warning Charcoal stains!

This is what Caleb looked like the next morning.
We were excited to see the swelling going down!
And happy he could see.

The next day seemed better. You can see it in his eyes!
And he seemed a little more like himself.

This day kind of scared me.
He looked nothing like my dear son, and I was missing him.
He looked miserable.

As the swelling went down, the poison seemed to come out on his face more and more.
In fact, the poison began to display itself all over his body.
This day seemed to look more painful than some of the others.

What a delight I had to wake up to see my son looking so much better!
He was finally looking like my son!

I should have taken photos of his arms and legs too.
The more his face looked better the more itchy his arms and legs began to feel.

Today Caleb looked almost like himself!
I felt like I had my son back!

Almost 100% back to normal!

I am glad I documented Caleb's poison.
I hope it helps other mothers who have highly allergic children see how we made it though. With the Lord's help, Caleb made it through this trial 'without' steroids or other drugs.
100% natural. What a blessing!

I hope this blog post can help others looking for pictures of poison ivy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

6 Months

Yesterday Philip was 6 months old. He is 17 lbs and growing like an olive shoot!