Friday, June 29, 2012

Cedar Falls

Today we went to Cedar Falls.  The high was suppose to be a 104, so it was the perfect day to swim.
I made my older kids wear floats at first, because we didn't know where deep spots might be, once we got an idea of deeper spots I let them take them off. Enjoy the photos.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Abortion Clinic

Some of our friends know that the children and I have been going to the Greenville Women's Clinic to Pray and talk with women.  Today, my ten year old, Caleb, took video footage of us while we were out there.  Please excuse the shakiness of the video.

Interested in coming out and joining us?  Leave a comment and I will get back with you.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Bedroom

This past year, during the remodeling of our home, we slept on an air mattress, with an old comforter that if ruined by the construction, I could throw out.   So when I was finally able to get our bed and bedding out of storage...  You could image our joy!

As the few months followed, Chris began to inform me that his toes were getting stuck in the quilt.  I have sewn and repair it several times in the past, but it was getting harder and harder to repair.  Then it happened.  Our sheets were so worn, there was a hole.  I knew it was time, after 10 years of use, our bedding that I bought back in the days of NJ had it.  And it was time to find a new one.

Here is a photo of our OLD bedding in our NC home.

Upon trying to find a quilt, Chris suggested I find the quilt first, and then we could re-paint the room if necessary to match the quilt.  Remember our bedroom was suppose to be the office originally, which is why it was painted that color.  I like the color, and hated the idea of having to take everything back out to paint... again.  So I began to search for a quilt that might match the walls, while knowing if there was a quilt that I REALLY loved, I'd be willing to paint.  

I have been keeping my eyes open for some time now, but when I knew that we had out of town guest who were suppose to arrive, I widened my search.  And searched harder.  Why is it that having company coming helps to kick you into gear?  

Then, last week, I found it... the perfect quilt, that will hopefully last us another 10 years!
And here it is...

It matches the paint perfect!!!

I was excited to also pick up new sheets, which were needed.

Also, Philip has been sleeping in the boys room for at about a month now, so I took the bassinet out and put it in the new storage shed, until, we Lord Willing, we need it again.

This is Chris' side of the bed.  Notice anything?
Yes, his nebulizer is out.
Chris came down with a bad sickness that has left him breathless.
Which means, the visit has been cancelled, until another time.
At least Chris has a nice quilt to lay on while he heals, and his toes won't get stuck in it!

Not sure if you can tell in this photo or not, but that light blue pillow does match.
It looks a little different in the photos than real life.

Cunnington Wedding

Okay, so last Saturday was our friends John and Stef's wedding.  They are now the Cunningtons.  We got dressed in our bests for this special day.  Here are the photos I took.  I had planned to take lots of photos, but was intimated by all the expensive cameras and huge lenses.  
I couldn't however stop taking pictures of my cute little man.

Isn't he cute!
Here are the only 2 photos I took of the bride and groom.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blast from the Past

Our friends are getting married this Saturday, which always brings up my own wedding with our children.  The children always enjoy looking at Daddy and Mommy's pictures.  And I thought I'd share them with everyone.

Husband and Wife

 What a sharp looking guy!

One of my favorite photos of Chris.  
I knew from the start he'd be a great dad.
Here he is with our Nephew.

Doesn't he look so young.

The bride, yes, that's me.

The Flower Girls and Ring Bearer w/ me.

My Dad and I before he walked me down the aisle.

My Dad giving me away.

The Reeder Family

 The Mathna Family

 The Wedding Party

Who knew that just three months after this photo was taken, we would be expecting our first child, which eventually became 8 blessings from the Lord.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Greenville Abortion Mill

Today, we went to the Greenville Abortion Mill. We were give the opportunity to stand up for life.  We took signs to hold and prayed for the women who were having abortions.  

Here we are with our signs.



Caleb and Philip





Our friends the Patterson's.

There were also two other men who were there with signs too.
One of the men had an opportunity to talk with a boyfriend of one of the ladies having an abortion.
He said, " He didn't support the abortion, but it was her decision and there was nothing he could do."
He was told to be a man and go in there and stop her, so he went back inside!
He came back out and said he was afraid he would be arrest.  He went on to say that he wanted to be outside with us, then in there.  He just stood there staring at my children.
After awhile, he went back inside, but you could tell, we were making an impact.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our New Shed/Garage

When the last owners moved, they took the shed with them.
We have been planning to get a shed for over a year,
and it finally happened today!!!

Our empty Slab

Our new shed/garage being delivered.

The kids were very concerned.
Mommy, didn't Daddy want it on the slab?

The clever way they moved the shed.
Even the neighbors came out to watch.

Parked.  Home Sweet Home.
I plan to organize!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Additions

Meet our newest additions...

Curry and Clementine

Zoe's kitten is Curry, he is a big boy.
Grace's kitten is Clementine, she is petite like her mother.

Our favorite cat, Pumpkin, who is a super mouse and mole catcher,
with her babies Clementine and Curry.
Who doesn't love babies!  
They are soo... cute!!!