Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Bedroom

This past year, during the remodeling of our home, we slept on an air mattress, with an old comforter that if ruined by the construction, I could throw out.   So when I was finally able to get our bed and bedding out of storage...  You could image our joy!

As the few months followed, Chris began to inform me that his toes were getting stuck in the quilt.  I have sewn and repair it several times in the past, but it was getting harder and harder to repair.  Then it happened.  Our sheets were so worn, there was a hole.  I knew it was time, after 10 years of use, our bedding that I bought back in the days of NJ had it.  And it was time to find a new one.

Here is a photo of our OLD bedding in our NC home.

Upon trying to find a quilt, Chris suggested I find the quilt first, and then we could re-paint the room if necessary to match the quilt.  Remember our bedroom was suppose to be the office originally, which is why it was painted that color.  I like the color, and hated the idea of having to take everything back out to paint... again.  So I began to search for a quilt that might match the walls, while knowing if there was a quilt that I REALLY loved, I'd be willing to paint.  

I have been keeping my eyes open for some time now, but when I knew that we had out of town guest who were suppose to arrive, I widened my search.  And searched harder.  Why is it that having company coming helps to kick you into gear?  

Then, last week, I found it... the perfect quilt, that will hopefully last us another 10 years!
And here it is...

It matches the paint perfect!!!

I was excited to also pick up new sheets, which were needed.

Also, Philip has been sleeping in the boys room for at about a month now, so I took the bassinet out and put it in the new storage shed, until, we Lord Willing, we need it again.

This is Chris' side of the bed.  Notice anything?
Yes, his nebulizer is out.
Chris came down with a bad sickness that has left him breathless.
Which means, the visit has been cancelled, until another time.
At least Chris has a nice quilt to lay on while he heals, and his toes won't get stuck in it!

Not sure if you can tell in this photo or not, but that light blue pillow does match.
It looks a little different in the photos than real life.


Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

It looks beautiful, Kara!

The Vernon Family said...

LOVE IT! Does that mean Chris is off work?