Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Habit Appliance

When my our daughter Zoe was born, we thought it was sooo... cute how she would suck her thumb.  She was such a good girl and always content.  As the years went on, the dentist would occasionally say something to me about her thumb sucking, telling her it needs to stop soon.  I was told when she lost her front teeth and was about to get permanent teeth we would have to do something.  Well, it happened, Zoe lost her first front tooth, and thus began our journey into the world of orthodontics. 

Over the last four weeks, we have had weekly visits to Zoe's new orthodontics' office.  Each visit was short and building up until today!  Today Zoe got her habit appliance.  It's official name is Bluegrass Roller.  Yes, Zoe's favorite color is yellow and that's the color she choose for her 'bead'.  

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