Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diaper Redo

As some of you know, we cloth diaper.
A little over 5 years ago, I bought my first cloth diapers.
I choose BumGenius because of their great reviews and we have been very blessed by them.
Now years later and after much use, struggling to meet our cloth diaper needs.

The first problem was the Aplix/hook and loop/velcro. 
Whatever you may call it had seen it's better days.
Here is a photo of what our diapers looked like.
The tabs were curling and no longer sticking, it was dingy and just a problem.

Step one was replacing the Aplix with Snaps.
If I knew then, what I know now, I would have started with Snaps.
I spent may days picking off the velcro and adding snaps.
Here is a photo of a diaper with removed Aplix and new Snaps.

The Snap placements aren't perfect on all my diapers, 
but they work GREAT now!

The other problem with my cloth diapers were elastic.
After 5 years and all those washes, they had it.
They were super stretched out, which caused leaking.

With a little bit of work and some new elastic,
(1/4 of an inch braided elastic, 4 1/2 inches long)
my diapers are like new!

In the next photo you can see the huge difference.
No more leaking!

I am so excited about my diaper redo!
Lord willing, these diapers will now last us another 5 years!

And in the mean time, I hope to be able to add to our stash.
If anyone has diapers they aren't using or don't want.  
Pre-folds,  fitteds, pocket diapers, or whatever, 
I would gladly take them off your hands, you can never have enough cloth!

By the way, I do have other diapers too, but these are my favorite, so I'm happy they will live on!
Maybe someday I will show you all my diaper stash. :)


Marci said...


The Vernon Family said...

Are you going to try to replace the back elastic on your Bum Genius'? I've heard that people have had to do that too.
" you can never have enough cloth"
Sounds like me! :D
BTW I have to show you on Wednesday my newest fitted I bought for Benjamin. It might work for Philip if you are still having problems with him super soaking everything.
I was also able to get a used AppleCheeks yesterday. I finally had enough Paypal to get one.
Oh, and did you see Abby's Lane was offering "free" gift certificates this weekend if you spent X amount of dollars?? It tempted me to buy something.
Wow this comment has gotten long...maybe I should send you an email!