Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Stash

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Meghan, 
who is always willing to share in my cloth excitement!

Okay, so for 5 years we have used the same cloth.  Bumgenuis 3.0 One Size Pocket Diapers, since buying them, I have replaced the velcro with snaps and Elastic.  This is how they look today!
I have loved using them this way, but they are slowly dying.
I started with 24 of them and now have 23, I'm not sure what happened to one of them.
These are my go to diaper.

I also have 3 Ebay China Diapers.
I don't really like them, but they work.  These were $3 a piece, including shipping.
I got a few $1 China diapers, but they didn't last long.  

I have 1 Fuzzy Bunz One Size pocket diaper.
(A gift from my diaper crazy friend Meghan. Thank you Meghan.)
I really like it, it's a little harder to stuff, but it has never leaked, and with a smaller baby, you can adjust/tighten the legs easily, which is my favorite part.

I also have 4 Mommy's Touch Diapers.  The 2 on the left are pocket diapers and are also "seconds" apparently there is something wrong with them, but I have no clue what. They were super super cheap, and I really like them, they are great for older children, like my Mary, who is a little larger. (There are even extenders you can buy, for the super big kid.)  The 2 on the right are Mommy's Touch  All-in-Ones, no stuff required, however, one of the inserts snaps in and always comes unsnapped in the wash, so you always have to re-snap, not much different than stuffing.  
They work good, but not my favorite all-in-one.

I also have 3 Flip covers.  My Flip covers, which I also don't really use.  Covers always get used more when there are newborns in the house, which will be in 24 weeks.  So these will be getting their workouts then.

Since my main stash of Bumgenuis aren't getting any newer.  Chris has given me permission to slowly add new Bumgenuis Diapers to our rotation.  I decided to try their new "Freetime" All-in-One diapers from Bumgenuis.  This time, I have decided to wait for the colors I want to come into stock.  Our first Bumgenuis diapers, I didn't want to wait, so I just took what they had in stock which was the pastel colors.  This time, we are waiting on the "cool colors".  After 2 weeks of waiting, I have now gotten 4 of my 6 diapers in the mail.  I am hoping my other 2 will come this week.  
Patience is hard, but I think will be worth it to have what I want. 
The "Freetime" Diapers have their inserts sewn in, no snaps and no stuffing required.
I think I will like them, but haven't used them yet to decide.
I will try and update this later.

My last diaper is Thirty's All-in-one Diaper.  
I heard good reviews on this diaper and there are things I like about it more than the 
Bumgenuis Freetime Diaper, so I thought I'd pick one up to give it a try.
It came super quick, is super cute, and the price is nice!
So far, I really really like it.

I also wanted to share with everyone my wipes.  We love our homemade flannel wipes.
Cheap flannel baby blankets from a yardsales cut and sewn to just the right size, work GREAT!
We also have some old washclothes we don't love as much, but still work.

The last thing I want to share is my wet bag.  I got this from BabySteals.com
The zippers on my other wet bags all broke, so I got this one for a steal!
Check out their steals for the day. :)

I am hoping to have a total of 40 usable either pocket or all-in-one diapers soon.  This would give both Mary and Philip 10 diapers a day, so I only have to do diaper laundry every other day.  
We seem to go through diapers fast. 

So, what is your FAVORITE diaper?  I'd love to give it a try.


The Vernon Family said...

Yay for cloth!!!!! I think I need to do one of these type of posts. It would be fun.
In the mail today I got my dream diaper- an AppleCheeks. I'm washing it now. We will see if I like it as much as I want to like it!
Do you know I don't have a favorite diaper yet? There are things I like/love about each one that I have. However not one of them combines everything! :)

Kristina in NC said...

I happened upon your blog via YouTube, while looking for ideas for wood pallets. Great chicken coop, by the way!

We use bumGenius one-size pocket diapers along with two bumGenius econobum kits. I use the later when my daughter is up and about and the former while she naps. I do use Natures Babycare disposables overnight as she wakes when I change her diaper. You gave me an idea on make a super diaper, though; thank you.

Thank you for exposing your panty in an older post -- it gives me hope for organization in my home. I sometimes feel I hold back on purchasing organizational tools, i.e. bins and the like, so as not to avoid the expense.

I have browsed your blog and can see the joy of the Lord in your family. What a beautiful family you have! May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family and enlighten everyone of us to what His will is in our lives.