Friday, September 14, 2012

Pantry Progress

The Pantry is making Progress.
One step at a time...

The Before Photo
Our pantry has been primed and waiting for completion for a while now.
Yesterday was finally the time!

First thing was paint.
The ceiling was painted white and the walls a very pretty greenish/blue.  
(It's the same paint as we painted our bathroom.)

Then hardwoods were started.  
Chris really wanted to finish last night, but couldn't.

This is a very tight space with lots and lots of cuts.  Not to mention, that Chris actually had to start in our dining room, chalk lines, and make sure the floor was running straight.  
It was a lot of brain work, before the work actually started.

Here is a photo of the dining room started.

Philip was helping clean up scrap felt paper.

I will continue to update the progress as we continue.  
Which, Lord Willing, will hopefully be finished this weekend!

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The Vernon Family said...

Can't wait to see it in person. We are about to start cleaning out our laundry room. Once we get tired/done then it will be off to pinterest for me. :D