Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall PA Trip

Huge lollipops.

Mary and Daddy 

 Philip hanging out with mommy.

 Mountain Climbing.  
This looks unsafe.  There is a tree about to fall down the mountain held up by a tree which is falling off the cliff and my son is climbing up the roots!  
Aunt Kendra

Chris and Caleb attempting to climb a tree.

Hiking at Gunner's.

The Children with Pappy and Grammy.


The Original Mathna Family.

Clark, Mary, Kendra and Kara

Pappy and Grammy

Zoe helping with Philip.

Daddy and Philip

Great Grandpa Victor with Philip Victor

Vic and Pip

Visiting is exhausting...

Chris and the children with his grandparents.



Mary wasn't took excited about getting her photo taken with cousin Christian.

Siblings... Chris, Zach, and Stacie.

Mother/Daughter moment.  Stacie and Morgan.



Good Friends.

New Friends!

Philip playing Peek a Boo.

Philip attacks Noah.

Getting ready to leave!

Chris finally bringing his farm truck to SC.

Yet another shot of Chris' farm truck.

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