Monday, September 29, 2014

Home School Hair Styles

The "in style" way to do your hair in our Home School circles is with a Lila Rose hair clip. And we LOVE them.  The next two weeks we are having an online Lila Rose party.  You can buy clips from my online party here...

Here are our personal favorite clips...

My favorite

Abigail's favorite

Grace's favorite.

Zoe's favorite.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Online Lila Rose Party

Hey there,

Lila Rose hair clips are my personal favorite way to style my hair.  My girls wanted to get some of their own, but since they add up, x5 girls, I'm having an online party to try to earn some free products!  If interested in supporting the Reedebunch party, or want to find out what Lila Rose Hair Clips are, visit this website, where you can order online!

Hope you"ll love them as much as we do! Enjoy.

Photo Shoot

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Uriah's Baptism Day

 This past Lord's Day we had Uriah Baptized.
Pastor McCurley with our family

We were blessed to have some family in attendance at Uriah's Baptism.
My Cousin Jonathan and his wife Amy came with their family for the day.
It was a wonderful time of fellowship.

 3rd Cousins also enjoyed seeing one another.

"S" holding Uriah

Abigail had a delightful time with "M".
 Both "M" and Abigail are currently 13


Nathanael holding his baby brother Uriah

Nathanael loves his baby brother!

Hannah holding Uriah